A special place... The Isles of Scilly are one of only two places in England where Manx Shearwaters breed

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Under threat...The Isles of Scilly hold 3,000 fewer pairs of breeding seabirds than 25 years ago

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We need YOUR help to protect our important seabird heritage

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Evening celebration Eevent, St Agnes Island Hall 


'Rat-free' song, St Agnes school (backing vocals Sarah, Lydia, Amy and Jaclyn) 



Opening welcome talks - Chris Corrigan, RSPB 


Opening welcome talks - Sarah Mason, Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust


The Fulmar Award for Bin Appreciation,  Nominees - Nicki Anderson, Ben Hicks, Harry Legg, Christine, Mike and Aiden Hicks.

Winner -  Harry Legg. Award presented by Sarah Mason, IOSWT 


The Shearwater Award for Best Behaviour at a Training Award

Nominees Rose Bird, Joffy Hicks, Nat Legg, Rob Seddon, Chris Simmonds, Richard McCarthy, Tom Smith, Grace Hicks, Mike Hicks, Rosie Felton, Tim Stewart, Luke Humphries.

Winner – St Agnes school. Award presented by Will Garratt, Duchy of Cornwall.

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The Storm Petrel Award for Help with Community Signs

Nominee and winner Winner – Chris and Lou Simmonds. Award presented by Paul St Pierre, RSPB


The Flaming Ratters Award for Best Use of Project Hat

Nominees, Paul St Pierre, the ratters, Jaclyn and Tegan, Nicki Anderson, Vickie and her team, Jaclyn and Biz, St Agnes School, John Peacock, Sergeant Colin Taylor, Scilly shrew, spider, Ed Marshall, Doug Page and Richard McCarthy, Pam Hicks and Sheila Legg.

Winner – Biz Bell. Award presented by Richard McCarthy, Representative of St Agnes and Gugh 



The Scilly Shrew Award for Best Inspection of a Wax Block,

Nominees, Mark Sedgeman, Mike Hicks, John and Trish Peacock.

Winner – Joss and Grace Hicks.


The Lesser Black-Backed Gull Award for the Best Beach-Cleaner

Nominees, Carol Hick, Johann Hick, the Wildlife Trust, Emma Eberlein.

Winner – Johann Hicks. Award presented by Clare Lewis, previous AONB Officer 


Seabird Hero Award - John and Trish Peacock – for services as Volunteer Coordinators.

Presented by Darren Hart, IOSWT. 


Seabird Hero Award. Rick Legg – for use of land, movement of goods and waste management.

Presented by Zoe Julian, IOSWT Trustee, Chairman.


Seabird Hero Award. Emma Eberlein – for the hardest to check monitoring stations and the hardest seabird surveys.

Presented by ratter, WMIL staff member and project volunteer Alex Cropper. 


The Puffin Award for Making the work of the staff and volunteers so enjoyable.

Nominees, all the community but in the spirit of these fun awards - Piers and Rachel Lewin, Tonya and Xanthe Hicks, Bernard and Alan, Wendy and Tristan Hick, Alison Legg, Turks Head, Jane Stewart and Millie Peacock, Julia and Stan the dog, Jackie and Doug Page; Ross and Nikki, Sam and Laura Hicks, Tim, Sue, Kate and the cows, Jimmy and Su Paget-Brown, John Peacock.

Winner – combined Sam, Laura, Sue, Kate and the cows for ice cream with a smile. Presented by Biz Bell, WMIL


The Kittiwake Award for being the face which represents the IOSSRP project.

Nominees, Fran Hicks, Pan Beresford-Smith, Ben Hicks, St Agnes school.

Winner – Fran Hicks for ‘this is how we travel on the islands’. Presented by Biz Bell, WMIL


Extra awards for team members and other supporters of the project . Presented by Biz  Bell, Senior Ecologist Wildlife Management international. 


Project Officer Dr Vickie Heaney 


Project Assistant Holly Paget-Brown


Event team leader Sarah Havery (RSPB)


Event team leader,  Amy King (Scottish Natural Heritage) 


Alex Cropper (WMIL staff, Project volunteer). 


Will Wagstaff, Wildlife Tours, supporter of project


Randolph Hessing, St Mary's Project volunteer 


Richard McCarthy - Steering Group, Representative for St Agnes and Gugh. 


Peter Exley, for the RSPB SW Communications team


Craig Dryden - Steering Group, collecting for AONB. 


Kate Sugar- Steering Group, Natural England.


Will Garratt - Steering Group, Duchy of Cornwall.


Project Supervisor, Paul St Pierre 


Paul Buckley - Steering Group, RSPB


Leigh Lock - Steering Group, RSPB 


Darren Hart, IOSWT Estate Ranger 


Sarah Mason - Steering Group -  IOSWT Chief Executive Officer 


Surprise for Jaclyn Pearson, Project Manager presented by Project Officers Lydia and Vickie. 


Principal Funders

Project Partners

  • RSPB
In addition to generous support from LIFE, the EU’s program for financing key environmental schemes across the continent and the UK’s own Heritage Lottery Fund, the Seabird Recovery Project is also being supported by the Isles of Scilly’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund and the Isles of Scilly Bird Group.